Traditional Country Music

Singer/Songwriter Neil Dover Combines Traditional Country Music with Rock, Beachy Sounds

Neil Dover is a singer/songwriter of the people. He strives to make country music that people want to hear – not over-produced ear candy tailored to suit the radio. In the true spirit of country artists who preceded him, Neil strives to make unique country music for discerning listeners. His music is welcoming and familiar, yet has an edge that keeps listeners coming back for more. Fans of traditional country music will love Neil’s unique take on country music. He combines elements of traditional country music with beach rock in a style that’s hard to match.


Neil’s mantra is to make songs that matter for people who matter to him. Every fan is a person who matters to Neil, as long as they approach his music with an open mind and open heart. As a singer and songwriter, he always puts his audience first. His unique style is tailored to match his tastes as well as the tastes of the people who support him. So, if you’re in the mood for something different, check out Neil Dover. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone as dedicated to authenticity and willing to go the extra mile to serve his fans.


His most recent project, Kiss Me Mama I Gotta Go is full of high-octane hits and love ballads. His voice is powerful and soothing, and the rollicking melodies are sure to have you tapping your foot and singing along. Neil has all the authenticity of a traditional country music artist, but with the musical sensibilities to put his own unique twist to his songs. His songwriting is introspective and deeply personal, yet his songs are still catchy and danceable. He combines the best of traditional country music with rock and beachy sounds - and the result is a sound that almost anyone can enjoy.

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