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Traditional Country Band Houston

Are You in Search of a Traditional Country Band in Houston for Hire?

Are you a fan of George Strait and are looking to hire a traditional country band around Houston? If you love George Strait, then you will definitely love Neil Dover. Neil Dover is a singer and songwriter who has spent over a decade perfecting his craft. As a traditional country band in Houston, Neil and his band has performed on many stages across Texas and has remained an independent recording artist to stay true to his art. 

Neil Dover is a student of music and has studied many of the greats. His music has a timeless quality that feels classic without seeming dated. He’s spent over a decade perfecting his sound and his music is a great example of that skill and attention to detail. Above all else, he cares about the quality and message of his music, and he refuses to let anything compromise his creative principals.

If you are searching for a traditional country band in Houston for hire, look no further. Check out his website or on music streaming platforms to listen to his music. 

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