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Traditional Country Band Alabama  

Are You Searching for a Traditional Country Band in Alabama?

If you are looking for a traditional country band in Alabama for hire, check out Neil Dover and his band. As a singer and songwriter, Neil strives to make country music that people want to hear.

Whenever he performs, he demonstrates his love for country music, performing original music as well as covers from some of your favorite country artists. You can also feel this love on his CD, Atmosphere CD. This CD is full of songs for the people who matter to him and are meant to inspire and entertain. He makes music for everyone and has managed to maintain his success in the business by staying true to his roots. He wants his audience to appreciate the storytelling, while dancing to the rhythms as well. So if you are looking for a traditional country band in Alabama, look no further than Neil Dover. You can check out his music here on this website as well as all major streaming platforms.

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