Singers on the Gulf Coast

Authentic Singers on the Gulf Coast

Neil Dover is a product of the Gulf Coast. His music is a mixture of country, southern rock, and beach rock, and he's well known among prominent singers on the gulf coast. Neil has Alabama music running through his veins. He’s performed all over the Mobile area and knows that Southeast like the back of his hand. His love of the region can be heard in tracks like Florabama Time, a tropical ballad about finding peace on the Gulf Coast.

Singers on the gulf coast have an attitude that is hard to replicate. The music combines the soulful ballads of the American South with the playful beach sounds of the Florida Coast. There is something so sultry, yet danceable about the sound, and Neil is an expert at capturing that energy. He’s known to perform at the world-famous Flora-Bama Bar and Grille in Perdido Key and has soaked up a wealth of experience by performing in the area.

If you love either Florida or bands in Alabama, you’ll love Neil Dover. He is a true artist and has a real passion for his local region. Nowhere else will you find bands in Alabama that provide authentic country music mixed with the sounds of the shore. His music is simultaneously unique and familiar. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find something you can relate to. He's like a mixture of Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett - an iconic songwriter with a knack for danceable melodies. So, if you love country rock with a hint of gulf and western, you’ll love Neil’s music. Even if you aren’t from the Gulf Coast, you’ll want to visit after hearing one of his songs. Whether you’re headed to the beach or just alone in your car, you’ll feel transported to an island paradise.