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Virtual House Party

What is a House Party?

House parties have existed for a long time.  They are small events where an artist performs in the host's home for his friends and family.  These are some of the most intimate experiences you will ever have with an artist.  He will play your requests and interact directly with your friends and family. 

House Party Neil Dover
Neil Dover

What is a Virtual House Party?

In these days of Covid-19 getting together in groups is risky business.  A Virtual House Party is one where the artist performs remotely but still interacts with the audience through Facetime, Skype, Zoom or some other video platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Neil likes to keep the cost of his Virtual House Parties reasonable and charges only $300 for a 75 minute show.

What if I Don't Like It?

If for any reason you don't like the show or feel that it was not what you expected, your money will be returned to you.  Neil offers a 100% money-back-guarantee on his house parties, virtual or otherwise.

Money Back Guarantee
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How Do I Book a Virtual House Party? 

Clicking the Buy Now button to the left will take you to the shopping cart (where you can purchase and then check out).  If you have questions please contact Russ Merck at the Merck Artist Agency (; (860) 214-1005).

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