Gulf Coast Country

A True Gulf Coast Country Singer

Neil Dover is an Alabama artist through and through and he is one of the most authentic Gulf Coast Country singers you’ll find currently working. His music is influenced by the people and places he’s encountered in his life and the Gulf Coast is a major part of that influence. His music is undeniably Southern, with a hint of coastal bounce. It’s a blend of country that mixes authentic Southern culture with the tropical vibes of the Florabama Coast.


Neil is all about authenticity. When the music isn’t authentic to the performer, the listener can tell. It throws off the whole mood of the track and makes genuinely connecting to an audience next to impossible. That’s why he has developed his signature brand of Gulf Coast Country that represents his roots and influences. Neil is a true Gulf Coast singer with a lot of love for the region and you can hear that passion in almost any track.


His Atmosphere CD demonstrates this unique sound and love for the region. The Atmosphere CD is full of songs for the people who matter to him and are meant to inspire and entertain. He makes music for everyone and has managed to maintain his success in the business by staying true to his roots. He wants his audience to appreciate the storytelling, while dancing to the rhythms as well. So if you are looking for an authentic Gulf Coast country songwriter, look no further than Neil Dover. His Atmosphere CD, as well as his other albums, is available here on this website as well as all major streaming platforms.

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