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Blog Post, Monday, September 18th, 2023

What you should know before embarking on an independent music career.

You will do it all. Make the music, create the demand, keep up the pace, keep the fire, stay relevant, and be your own cheering section. 

There’s a reason Nashville exists. It’s a very finely tuned machine. In fact the only machine assembled to do what it does. 

Making country music in Houston or Orlando without Nashville is akin to driving a train with no rails. You can get the train built and roaring and smoking but it’s not going anywhere without a pass to the rails. Which just means you’ll have to get people to come see your train sit still. Which you can do! 

And there are a lot of people who’ve done this thankfully. If you start trying to build your train people will help you. 

There are incredible homemade trains all over the world now built by people who didn’t fit the Nashville mold. Myself included. I have country bands in Pensacola and Mobile and Houston. This website is one piece of my steaming growling cranked up locomotive engine. To further the train analogy, if the world goes by the train then the train might as well be moving right? 

I play Gulf Coast Country along the Gulf Coast of the United States and I’m thankful that so many people come to see me that it feels like my train is always rolling. 

The takeaway for this little rant I hope is that you’ll do it all yourself unless you find people to help you which i luckily have. 

If you want to make music for a living the first thing you’re gonna do is make a lot of music for yourself. If you can’t impress yourself you aren’t gonna impress anybody else. And even if you do impress yourself nobody’s gonna care until you can do something nobody else is doing. So become original and stick to it. Develop your show in front of the toughest audience you can find. For me that was drunks in bars all along the gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabama and Florida. I played what they wanted hear until what they wanted to hear was me. 

If you’re looking for fame and fortune you already know you might not get it But you can have something way better, and that is the peace that comes from making music for a living when the industry doesn’t want you to be able to without them. 

The Rail Line is rigged. The rails are off limits. 

So build your only train! 

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