Alabama Singers

Alabama Singers with A Love for Country Music

Alabama singers like Neil Dover are true artists who have spent over a decade perfecting their craft. He has remained an independent recording artist to stay true to his art and make the music his fans deserve. Tracks like Midnight Auto Supply off of his most recent project Kiss Me Mama I Gotta Go is a high energy ballad that showcases his talent and range. It’s an explosive, country-rock jam that details the life of an outlaw. The track showcases Neil’s vocal character and performance capabilities. His powerful vocals below over the accompanying instruments showcase a different side of Neal than the tender love songs for which he’s known.
Midnight Supply is an amazing example of a modern outlaw country record that recalls legendary acts like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, or Lynyrd Skynyrd. Neil Dover is a student of music and has studied the greats. Singers in Alabama provide you with music that has a timeless quality that feels classic without seeming dated. He’s spent over a decade perfecting his sound and this track is a great example of that skill and attention to detail.
Alabama singers like Neil, are a proud independent recording artist. Above all else, he cares about the quality and message of his music, and he refuses to let anything compromise his creative principals. Singers in Alabama are dedicated to making the music their fans deserve and Neil will stop at nothing to deliver an amazing product. He is a one-of-a-kind artist who makes the music he is passionate about. His talent speaks for itself and his discography is chock-full of soulful ballads and lively hits. Check out Midnight Supply and other classic songs here on his website or on all major streaming platforms.